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Action Industries designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of products for the garage door industry including weatherseals, door hardware, accessories, fasteners, brushes, aluminum retainers, dock kits and cable products. Engineers at Action are highly qualified and experienced in designing products and equipment to complete any project.

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Standard Seals

Standard brush, rubber and vinyl seals from Action Industries are designed to provide a long-lasting seal in all weather conditions
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Large Seals

Oversized-brush seals and large EPDM synthetic rubber seals from Action Industries ensure a reliable seal and are designed to withstand extreme temperature changes.
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Slim-Line Seals

Action’s slim-line vinyl, bulb and brush seals are designed to provide a secure barrier against extreme weather conditions.
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Bottom Seals

EPDM synthetic rubber, vinyl, and P-bulb seals from Action Industries are engineered to provide an excellent seal against extreme temperature changes and pests.
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Standard Seal Retainers

Action’s standard seal retainers are made of high-strength aluminum and designed to hold standard brush, rubber or vinyl seals. Custom fabrication, punching, and assembly are available upon request.
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Large Seal Retainers

High-strength aluminum large seal retainers from Action are designed to hold large brush and rubber seals for oversized applications such as rolling steel and hangar doors or for situations where excessive gaps occur.
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Slim-Line Seal Retainers

Action’s aluminum slim-line seal retainers are slightly smaller than our standard aluminum retainers and are an economical alternative designed for slim-line brush or vinyl seals.
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Bottom Seal Retainers

Aluminum and plastic bottom seal retainers for ¼” T-style rubber, vinyl or bulb seals from Action Industries.
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Action offers a complete line of decorative garage door handles and can create custom designed solutions for unique one-of-a-kind looks.
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Action offers a complete line of decorative garage door hinges and can create custom designed solutions for unique one-of-a-kind looks.
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Add versatility to garage doors with an unlimited source of decorative trim options from Action Industries.
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Window Panels, Trim and Grilles

Action Industries has developed a series of products that offer unlimited design possibilities around garage door windows and are available in custom fits, finishes and colors.
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Action Industries is your one-stop source for garage door hardware including hinges, handles, track, springs, chains and more.
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Action has controls, locks, cables and other accessories for applications specific to the garage door industry.
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Action offers many garage door access solutions including controls, transmitters and keypads.
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Standard vertical and horizontal track from Action Industries is available in a wide range of sizes for residential and commercial applications.
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