Customer Success Story: It Never Hurts to Ask

As told by Jeremy, Action Sales Rep He was one of my oldest customers-always appreciative of our fast service! One of the items we had always been so quick to get to his plant were the ‘U’ shaped bottom retainers they kept ordering month after month. It wasn’t until recently, though, over a cup of […]

Customer Success Story: Dealing with the Dreaded Inspector, Part 2

As told by Mike, Action Sales Rep A customer in California had just seven days before inspection to schedule his workers, order materials and arrange an install time that would avoid any plant downtime while his crew put in 30 header and jamb Aluminum & Brush seals on 30 roll-up doors in a food processing […]

Customer Success Story: Dealing with the Dreaded Inspector, Part 1

Tales of suspense – As told by Al and Mike, Action Sales Reps You could hear the panic in his voice. It was around 2:30pm on a balmy Friday afternoon in Chicago-almost the start of the weekend-when I answered his call: one of his customers was up for an inspection by the FDA and they […]

Customer Success Story: A Real-Life Story That Really Holds Water

As told by JP, Action Sales Rep Cross my heart… Recently I made a routine call on an old customer in Florida. Some years earlier, he had installed our aluminum retainer and vinyl weatherseal around each door opening in his building, and, under each overhead door, he had Storm Shield Garage Door Threshold® fixed to […]

When to Use Colored Weather Seals

Sometimes a door is just a door; but on those occasions when the door’s appearance is as important as how it functions, offer your customer our colored seals. Available in white, grey, black, bronze, cherry, and sandstone, these seals are designed to fit our standard aluminum retainers and standard rolling / steel clip-on retainers. They […]

What to Do If You Notice Evidence of Rodents Getting Into the Garage

If you notice any evidence of rodents getting into the garage, chances are, you might also notice a small portion of the bottom door seal has been torn away and is sitting in a frozen tundra of snow and ice cemented to the floor. Storm Shield® – the Original Garage Threshold – can provide protection […]

How to Stop Cold Air From Rushing Between Dock Bumpers

Dock pads at the end of loading docks are a great solution for added protection. However, during the winter months, cold air rushes up between the bumpers. Install brush seals at the end of the dock between the bumpers to help stop drafts. This technique also works where manual ramp boards are used.

Fast Facts on Garage Door Rolling Chains

A chain doesn’t really stretch. Due to poor lubrication, under-sizing or overloading, the pins and bushings actually wear down and become thinner. As they do, the spaces between them increase, making the chain longer and looser. The offset link is used to lengthen or shorten a length of chain by one pitch. So, it can […]

How to Select the Right Side and Top Seals for Your Garage

When it comes to selecting a seal for the sides and top of your garage door opening, there are generally three types of seals for the job, flexible PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) flap seals, EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber flap seals, and brush seals, typically made with polypropylene or nylon bristles. Most of these seals […]