As told by Mike, Action Sales Rep

A customer in California had just seven days before inspection to schedule his workers, order materials and arrange an install time that would avoid any plant downtime while his crew put in 30 header and jamb Aluminum & Brush seals on 30 roll-up doors in a food processing plant. He was already between a rock and a hard place when he had a bomb dropped on him-final inspection would be in two days, not seven! Receiving this information at 2:00 EST, how would he ever be able to order, receive, custom cut, assemble, & install this product on time?

Simple. He called Action. After receiving exact measurements on the 30 doors of various sizes, our staff did what it does best. The order was received, processed, custom cut, assembled and shipped-all in 2 hours! I followed up the next afternoon to learn that my customer received his product early in the morning and was able to complete the job with a few hours to spare. The inspector was very happy with work he performed. The client was impressed by his dedication. And at the end of his story, after expressing his appreciation for the fast service, all my customer could say was, “Boy, now I know why you guys are called Action!”