As told by Jeremy, Action Sales Rep

He was one of my oldest customers-always appreciative of our fast service! One of the items we had always been so quick to get to his plant were the ‘U’ shaped bottom retainers they kept ordering month after month. It wasn’t until recently, though, over a cup of coffee, that I learned things slowed down a bit for them after they received the product. Why? Because they wanted a longer mounting surface for the interior of the door, so they were actually cutting one leg off the ‘U’ shape to convert it into an ‘L’. shape-bottom after bottom, retainer after retainer, year after year!

I couldn’t believe it when he told me what they had been doing all this time! Especially when I considered all the time and labor they committed to cutting off that one leg! There had to be a better way. After some discussion with my customer, the engineers at Action went to work developing drawings for a custom design to meet his company’s specific application. Costs were quoted, samples were shipped, and after they tried it out and gave us a hearty approval, we went into full production mode.

Today, not only are they saving on lost time and labor, the unit price of the retainer itself is less. My customer couldn’t be happier. Or more profitable on that particular door they manufacture.

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