Customer Success Story: A Real-Life Story That Really Holds Water

As told by JP, Action Sales Rep

Cross my heart…
Recently I made a routine call on an old customer in Florida. Some years earlier, he had installed our aluminum retainer and vinyl weatherseal around each door opening in his building, and, under each overhead door, he had Storm Shield Garage Door Threshold® fixed to the floor. A good idea, since Florida is known for its hurricanes.

In fact, my return visit was only a month after the last one had ripped through his part of the state. When I inquired if he had suffered any damage, he just smiled…

He then told me that to prepare for the storm, he had adjusted the door hardware so that the doors were tight against the building, with no play in them. After the deluge hit and the storm passed, he took a small rowboat out to his building now surrounded by about 3′ of water. Upon entering the building, he was relieved to see that the doors had not imploded inward and that the seals held tight—the inside was completely dry.

Then he chuckled as he suggested to me that Action now market these items as part of a new product line called “hurricane seal kits”.