Torsion Source is a sister company to Action Industries and part of the Torsion Group family of companies. Torsion Source supports OEM manufacturers with value added services, custom engineering and manufacturing, a vast inventory of garage door components, and fast on-time delivery. Torsion stocks over 4,000 SKU's in four strategically located warehouses nationwide, to meet any quick turn supply needs.

Experience the Torsion Difference

Save time and money by making Torsion Source your strategic partner in manufacturing. Our manufacturing and distribution network can help you reduce costs and inventory levels. Torsion Source is focused on new and creative solutions, selecting the right material, lowering prices, and reducing lead times. Our first-hand experience working with garage door dealers across North America gives us the knowledge and experience to help you differentiate your products from others in the industry while streamlining purchasing and inventory management operations.

Garage Door Industry Experts

Torsion’s resident experts have situational knowledge in the garage door industry and our daily interaction with contractors and installers gives us access to your customers’ preferences. Benefit from the knowledge and experience of Torsion’s product development team and our unique access to more than 6,000 dealers nationwide.

Highest Quality Components

Torsion spends countless hours researching new manufacturing and sourcing opportunities in order to provide you with the latest technology at a competitive price. Torsion Source has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and warehouse locations spread across the globe, which reduces delivery times and can help to reduce your inventory levels.

Expert Material Sourcing for Manufacturing

Choosing the right material is essential to developing a lasting, premium product. Utilize Torsion’s experience and expertise to help you select the proper material for your application. Our team of engineers and chemists will provide you with the latest technology in material, including Flex Brush, extruded aluminum, PVC, EPDM, wood-filled composites and more.

Garage Door Engineering Experts

The engineering experts at Torsion Source can take your idea from concept to completion. We will assist in the design process with Auto-CAD support, prototyping and any other testing or modeling that is required. Beyond the product development cycle, our team of experts focus on garage door solutions while matching the manufacturing process to applications.

Manufacturing Processes Include:

  • Aluminum Extrusions
  • PVC Plastic Extrusions
  • EPDM Rubber Extrusions
  • Vacuum Formed PVC Inserts
  • Injection Molding
  • Metal Stamping
  • Embossing or Texturing Capabilities
  • Post-Production Fabrication Services

Just-In-Time Parts Deliveries

Torsion Source will carry the necessary inventory to meet your business needs. We can help develop an inventory management strategy and maintain the level of safety stock needed for any increase in business. We can help to minimize your freight cost due to our multiple warehouse and manufacturing locations.

Please contact Jeremy Proehl to learn how our experienced engineers can help you develop products for your unique application.

Torsion Group is a parent company for Torsion Source, Torsion Plastics LLC, and Action Industries Ltd. The Torsion Group family of companies creates a one-stop source for products and solutions for manufacturers and dealers in the garage door industry. Learn more about Torsion Source.