3 Inch Double-Brush Seal Offset with Vinyl Fin Insert

3 Inch Double-Brush Seal Offset with Vinyl Fin Insert

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When it comes to weather seal the biggest lie out there is the saying “Less is more”. Action Industries believes that more weather seal is better than less. To prove it we are offering the CNB02-RI-W-21-SP 3 Inch Deluxe Brush Seal With Offset to our customers. This seal is a brush seal offset by 7/8 of an inch with a vinyl insert in the middle. Brush seals by nature spread out, creating a nearly impenetrable seal against smoke, debris, and extreme weather. When backed by a vinyl insert and MORE brush, you can be sure that nothing is getting through there.

The Deluxe Brush Seal Kit with Vinyl Insert comes in 21 foot lengths.

The brush portion of the seal is comprised of polypropylene filaments wrapped around a steel rod. These filaments are crimped into place by a spine that lays over the rod.



  • 3 inch Brush seal with 7/8 Inch offset and vinyl insert
  • No-stick seal endures all climates