5 Inch Oversized Brush Seal Kit

5 Inch Oversized Brush Seal Kit

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Getting the best seal for your facility is not always easy. Sometimes you go through a trial and error process to find the best fit for your application. Action Industries is here to make that process easy for you with our CNB35-RI-W-21-SP 5 Inch Deluxe Oversized Brush Seal Kit with Offset. The Oversized Deluxe Brush Seal Kit is a piece of oversized brush seal with a vinyl insert in the middle. On one side the brush has been trimmed 3/4 of an inch to create an offset. This practice provides a greater seal while eliminating the possibility of the seal sticking.

Brush seals are one of the best options to seal an opening. The bristles naturally want to spread out and create a barrier. When you add a vinyl strip and more brush on the other side, it makes access to the garage nearly impossible for bugs, debris, and the elements. Brush seal is made by wrapping nylon filaments around a metal rod, then crimping them into place with a spine (which slides into retainers).

The CNB35-RI-W-21-SP comes in 21 foot lengths.



  • 5 inch Brush seal with 3/4 Inch offset and vinyl insert
  • No-stick seal endures all climates
  • Oversized Brush Seal Compatible with Oversized Retainers above
  • Perfect for any residential, commercial, or industrial application