2 Inch Brush Seal Kit w/ Angled-Retainer

2 Inch Brush Seal Kit w/ Angled-Retainer

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Action Industries knows that when it comes repairs you want to be able to keep the cost down, and get them done quickly. When battling against insects, dirt, or the elements it is important to have a tight seal around the perimeter of your door. Fortunately for you, sealing any gaps around your residential or commercial door will be a breeze now with the A2871-10-A Brush Seal Kit.

The A2871-10-A is made up of the A0282-MI-W-4 Standard Brush Seal Retainer and B2771-PP-W 2 Inch Slim-Line Flex Brush Seal this easy to install kit is ready right out of the bag.

Pre-drilled holes approximately every 9-1/2 inches in the retainer make it easy to install on any door. This product ships out in 10 foot sections, so when ordering it is important to measure the opening you are trying to seal to ensure you receive the proper amount.

Flex Brush is a sturdy seal made out of polypropylene and is manufactured right here in the US. This lightweight product weighs 40% less than traditional brush seals, and the brush bristles are extruded directly into the spine of the seal. This allows the Flex Brush to be cut in the field without any fraying of the bristles.

  • 2x – 45º Milled Brush Seal Retainer – 10 ft sections
  • 2x – 2 Inch Flex Brush Seal – 10 ft sections