BEA 10REMOTE Push-Button Programmer

BEA 10REMOTE Push-Button Programmer

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BEA 10REMOTE Push-Button Programmer | BEA 10REMOTE Push-Button Programmer is a contoured-grip, hand-held programming remote for adjusting numerous features, tolerances and other settings for multiple BEA sensors.  Allows for diagnosis of existing settings before or after starting adjustments.  Change detection sensitivity, door/entryway hold-time, relay output and more. Safety, convenience and a smoother, faster workplace with products from Action Industries.  Device transmits signal to programming module of numerous BEA Sensors (see full list below).  High- wall, ceiling, high awning or hood mount sensors programmed and modified conveniently from ground-level.


    • Switch on/off, re-program, modify settings for elevated or distant sensors with simple design push-button remote
    • 10-digit keypad-configuration with quick-select buttons for common settings adjustments for sensors
      • intuitive icon labeling of settings buttons
      • quick-select buttons for
        • detection sensitivity
        • activation relay hold time
        • detection mode
        • hold-time, frequency
        • IR immunity, auto-learn time
        • rejection mode and more
      • “?” button allows diagnostic of current settings before or after programming
    • Program an access code to prevent unauthorized adjustment
    • 30 min. automatic programming session shut-off for added security
    • Power: 2 AAA batteries
    • Includes pocket-sized programming and use manual
    • QR/smartphone-scan stencil on remote for uploadable help and content
    • Compatible with the following BEA sensors
      • LZR-I30
      • LZR-S600
      • FALCON
      • IS40
      • DK-12
      • WIZARD
      • EAGLE

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