Brush Seal, 1 3/4″ Standard

Brush Seal, 1 3/4″ Standard

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Both our Standard and Zebra BrushSeals are made of versatile and long-lasting filaments that will not hold water or freeze at sub-zero temperatures. Bristles are wrapped around a steel rod to prevent “pull-out.” Standard Brush Seals fits all Standard Aluminum Retainers or Standard Rolling Steel Clip-on Retainers.

STANDARD LENGTHS: 6′, 7′, 8′, 9′, 10′


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use brush weather seals on a residential garage door?
Rubber and vinyl seals are more commonly used on residential garage doors because they are less expensive compared to brush seals. When installing weather seals in a climate with high winds, brush seals could be offered as an added layer of protection. Rubber or vinyl seals can be placed over the top of the brush seal so that the seal matches the look of the garage door.