Dock Leveler Seal Kits with Brush Seals for garage doors

Dock Leveler Seal Kits with Brush Seals

Action’s pre-packaged Dock Leveler Seal Kits are designed with a heavy galvanized channel for a quick weld installation, and to help eliminate drafts, dirt and pests from getting in, while keeping debris from falling into the pit (making them excellent for the food industry). Each kit contains two 8′ pieces each of the galvanized channel, our standard 1″ 90º aluminum retainer and an insertion component to meet your specification.

Part Numbers and Sizes

  • DSK10-66-A - 1/2" Brush
  • DSK10-67-A  - 3/4" Brush
  • DSK10-68-A  - 1" Brush
  • DSK10-69-A - 1 1/2" Brush
  • DSK10-70-A  - 1 3/4" Brush
  • DSK10-71-A  - 2" Brush
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