Winding Kit, E-Z Ratch Torsion Spring

Winding Kit, E-Z Ratch Torsion Spring

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Winding and unwinding of garage door torsion springs with winding bars is at best a dangerous endeavor and in worst cases has proven to be fatal. The E-Z RATCH™ Garage Door Torsion Spring Winding System makes this risky job safe, easy and fast without the worry!

The E-Z RATCH™ Torsion Spring Winding System takes only minutes to learn how to use and can produce significant savings in labor time. It is designed to meet the needs of the professional garage door technician by providing ease of operation, durability, and safer working conditions. Giving the operator control of the torsion spring at all times during the winding or unwinding operation translates into less fear, more confidence and fewer injuries on the job.

Spring Winding-Tools: Are they worth the investment?

Check out this article, originally published by Door + Access Systems, to learn how spring-winding tools, like the E-Z RATCH, are benefitting garage door technicians and garage door business owners.

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E-Z RATCH™ Torsion Spring Winding System Includes:
• Two (2) — 21″ Extendable Ratchet Handles (extend to a full 30″ in length)
• All-purpose commercial cone Gear Adapter (double-ended)
• Six (6) Cone Adapter Pins
• Safety Clamp
• Plastic Kitbox holds tool set and accessories
• Set of operating instructions