Green Hinge® System

Tightly seals overhead doors to frame and reduces moisture, bugs, dirt and dust.

Installation Instructions
Bolt Pattern Measurement Guide

This unique, patented spring-loaded hinge allows automatic adjustment of an overhead garage door and provides a close tight seal, eliminating the air gap between the door and the seal surface. Each door panel is automatically adjusted with the Green Hinge® System to overcome poor track positioning and warped walls.

Most importantly, doors only have ONE TRUE SEALING SURFACE, the outer panel edge
where it contacts the seal surface or wall. Various industries that concern food and sanitation are getting better inspections with less audit violations.

Residential Door Systems

  • Single and two stall, 4, 5 and 6 panel door systems available
  • Silver springs are for residential doors under 12′ wide
Item No. Item Description
104-0015 Green Hinge, 4 Panel Residential System
104-0016 Green Hinge, 5 Panel Residential System
104-0017 Green Hinge, 6 Panel Residential System

*NOTE: Residential doors 12′ wide and over use commercial hinges

Commercial Door Systems

  • Perfect for doors 12′ wide and over
  • 4, 5, 6 and 7 panel door systems available
  • Gold springs are for commercial doors and residential doors 12′ wide and over
Item No. Item Description
104-0018 Green Hinge, 4 Panel Commercial & Residential Doors Over 12ft.
104-0019 Green Hinge, 5 Panel Commercial & Residential Doors Over 12ft.
104-0020 Green Hinge, 6 Panel Commercial & Residential Doors Over 12ft.
104-0021 Green Hinge, 7 Panel Commercial & Residential Doors Over 12ft.


Save Energy and Lower Utility Costs with the Green Hinge System

  • Removes up to a 1/4″ gap and eliminates door rattle
  • Easy to install and includes a lifetime warranty
  • Fits most residential and commercial doors
  • Made of 12 gauge powder coated steel
  • As low as a 1.5-year return on investment
  • Only hinges with rollers get replaced
  • Green Hinge not recommended for doors 20′ wide and over
  • The Green Hinge System should be installed by a professional installer