Very High Bond Foam Tape for garage doors

Very High Bond Foam Tape

Action Industries now offers an alternative “very high bond” foam tape that can be used in place of mechanical fasteners. This cost-saving tape is in many cases 70-90% as effective as 3M® VHB. This tape is currently used on many body-side moldings in the auto industry. We recommend initial testing to determine suitability for each application.

*We do not recommend the alternative tape for highly irregular surfaces, such as concrete aggregate.

Part Numbers and Sizes

  • Z0000-45-Z-20*  - High Bond, Acrylic, Foam, 3/4" x 20 Yards, 45 mil., Gray
  • Z0001-45-Z-20* - High Bond, Acrylic, Foam, 1" x 20 Yards, 45 mil., Gray
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