LED Truck Restraint Light Kits

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Action’s Truck Restraint Light Kit (TRLK) is a lighting system that activates when a tractor-trailer truck locks onto a warehouse dock. This life-safety product uses multi-colored LEDs to alert workers to the safety status of the truck restraint system.

How it Works:

Upon locking, the outside LEDs facing the truck turn flashing-red, indicating the truck cannot leave. Conversely, the LEDs inside the warehouse turn green, indicating the forklifts are free to enter the restrained truck. If the dock’s door leaves fully-open status while the lock is engaged (dock door is creeping down), the LEDs will flash red, indicating danger of forklifts hitting the door. If the docking truck lacks a functional lock-bar and the truck restraint enters a lock-fail state, the LEDs will flash amber, indicating danger (manually chock wheels).

LED Truck Restraint Lighting System Features:

  • Red and green LED lights signal safe action
  • LEDs flash amber to indicate lock-fail mode
  • Fully programmable LED Controller
  • Significant reduction in loading dock accidents
  • Works with most restraints
  • LEDs are visible from a distance by supervisors and surveillance cameras

LED Truck Restraint Lighting System Kit Includes:

  • 1′ x 1′ or 1′ x 3′ LED aluminum frame and LEDs for both upper left and upper right of door facing forklift/warehouse workers
  • 1′ x 3′ LED aluminum frame and LED with 20’ cable for outside of door facing trucks
  • NEMA enclosure containing power supply and LED Controller
  • Instructions
  • A/C Signal Converter – optional
  • Door Limit Switch – optional

Red, green and amber LEDs communicate the safety status of warehouse truck restraint systems:

Door down, dock-lock disengaged
(Dock not available)

Inside LEDs: Solid Red
Outside LEDs: Solid Red or Solid Green
(can be controlled with manual switch)

Door up, dock-lock disengaged
(Dock available)

Inside LEDs: Solid Red
Outside LEDs: Solid Green

Door up, dock-lock engaged
(Dock in use, truck is locked)

Inside LEDs: Solid Green
Outside LEDs: Flashing Red

Door up, dock-lock fail state
(Lock is NOT engaged properly – Danger)

Inside LEDs: Flashing Amber
Outside LEDs: Flashing Red

Door not fully-up, dock-lock engaged
(Door creep, danger of door strike)

Inside LEDs: Flashing Red
Outside LEDs: Flashing Red