rodentBLOCK Door Seals with Xcluder® for garage doors

rodentBLOCK Door Seals with Xcluder®

Pest proof your residential or commercial garage with a rodentBLOCK Door Seal with Xcluder®. Xcluder’s patented fill fabric creates a tough barrier that is virtually impenetrable to rodents, resulting in a cleaner garage and lower maintenance costs.

*Compatible with Action’s plastic bottom seal retainers and aluminum bottom seal retainers, and works with both sectional and rolling doors.

*Not compatible with A1015-01-W aluminum retainer

Xcluder® is a registered trademark of Global Material Technologies, Inc. Used by permission.

Part Numbers and Sizes

  • XT2563-00-W - 3" Xcluder
  • XT2564-00-W - 4" Xcluder
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