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Strip Doors

Strip doors are used throughout industrial, commercial and institutional structures, both indoors and outdoors, to protect employees and goods from adverse environmental conditions. They reduce sound transmissions and provide an energy savings by reducing the amount of air that can escape while a person or vehicle passes through the opening. Strip doors also cut the cost of operating air-filtration systems by sealing out dust, dirt, fumes, smoke and airborne contaminants. Various strip materials are offered based on the application. Your sales rep can assist you in choosing the right material for the job.


Flat strips have beveled rounded edges that won’t cut, snag or scratch anything they come in contact with. They are available in clear, frosted and safety colors. Ribbed strips are ideal for heavy traffic areas because they significantly reduce scratching, so the door remains clearer and safer.

Both strips are available in four thicknesses and widths to meet the needs of light to heavy-duty applications, indoors and outdoors.


Specially fabricated for freezer use, with FDA approved ingredients for use by the food processing industry. This strip helps sustain sub-zero temperatures while remaining flexible.


For welding booths, as well as spraying, grinding and sand blasting enclosures. This strip is fire retardant, highly transparent, noise-deadening and prevents near UV and UV radiation from penetrating adjacent areas — blocking over 99% of UV radiation.