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Seal Retainers for Garage Doors

Standard Seal Retainers

Action’s standard seal retainers are made of high-strength aluminum and designed to hold standard brush, rubber or vinyl seals. Custom fabrication, punching, and assembly are available upon request.
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garage door weather seal retainers

Large Seal Retainers

High-strength aluminum large seal retainers from Action are designed to hold large brush and rubber seals for oversized applications such as rolling steel and hangar doors or for situations where excessive gaps occur.
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Slim-Line Seal Retainers

Action’s aluminum slim-line seal retainers are slightly smaller than our standard aluminum retainers and are an economical alternative designed for slim-line brush or vinyl seals.
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garage door seal retainers

Bottom Seal Retainers

Aluminum and plastic bottom seal retainers for ¼” T-style rubber, vinyl or bulb seals from Action Industries.
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