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Weather Seals for Garage Doors

Protect your garage from extreme weather and rodents with a reliable garage door weather seal from Action Industries. Browse our selection of Brush Seals, Flexible TPR Reverse Angle Jamb Seals, EPDM Seals, Vinyl Seals, Thresholds and more. All of our weather seals are in-stock and ready-to-ship.

Standard Seals

Standard brush, rubber and vinyl seals from Action Industries are designed to provide a long-lasting seal in all weather conditions
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Large Seals

Oversized-brush seals and large EPDM synthetic rubber seals from Action Industries ensure a reliable seal and are designed to withstand extreme temperature changes.
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Slim-Line Seals

Action’s slim-line vinyl, bulb and brush seals are designed to provide a secure barrier against extreme weather conditions.
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garage door seal, weather seal, garage door bottom seal

Bottom Seals for Garage Doors

Action Industries designs, manufactures and distributes many types of garage door bottom seals including EPDM synthetic rubber, vinyl, and P-bulb seals. These garage door weather seals are engineered to provide an excellent barrier against extreme temperature changes and pests.
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garage door top seals

Garage Door Top Seals

Action’s flexible garage door top seals provide a universal seal for new construction or can be retrofitted for existing installations.
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Sectional Clip-On Garage Door Seals

Action’s TPR and flexible vinyl Reverse Angle Jamb Seals are designed for varying weather conditions. These jamb seals are uniquely packaged to allow material to be pulled from the box and cut by the foot.
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roll up door seal, garage door seal

Weather Seals for Rolling Steel Garage Doors

Action’s EPDM bottom seals for roll up garage doors have an efficient one-piece installation, accept pneumatic reversing hoses, and are designed to withstand extreme temperature changes.
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dura seal stop molding, jamb seal

Garage Door Jamb Seals

Action's DuraSeal garage door jamb seals/stop moldings are easy to cut, nail, screw and paint. These wood grain embossed, low-maintenance seals are impervious to moisture, salt and insects and look and feel like real wood. DuraSeal garage door stop moldings provide the look, feel and workability of a rubber tube, but are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and retain their color — all at a competitive price.
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aluminum garage door threshold , garage door weather seal

Garage Door Thresholds

Action Industries offers heavy-duty rubber and extruded aluminum garage door thresholds to seal out weather, dirt and rodents. Each garage door weather seal can be cut to length and affixed with adhesive sealant or double-sided tape.
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Passage Door Seal Kits

Action Passage Door Sweep Seal Kits are a combination of our quality brush or vinyl and aluminum retainers. Each packaged kit comes complete with matching screws and pre-punched retainers for quick installation.
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