Clopay EZ-SET Kits and Repair Parts

EZ-SET kits are spring system conversion kits for residential doors that allow straightforward installation, repair, and spring replacement of overhead door assemblies. Clopay garage door manufactures two EZ-SET conversion kits: one for extension springs and another for torsion spring garage doors. Both extension spring and torsion spring garage door EZ-SETs are designed for DIY home improvement for do it-yourselfers on virtually any 7-8 ft. residential overhead door.

Torsion Spring Kits

Clopay's EZ-SET torsion spring system is for standard torsion springs and includes one left hand winding unit, a center support bracket, cable drums, torsion tube coupler, installation instructions, and more. The included winding unit makes garage door torsion spring winding safe and easy without needing to use a manual spring winder.

Extension Spring Kits

Clopay's EZ-SET Extension Spring System includes everything needed for an extension spring assembly and keep extension spring tension tight. Each extension spring kit includes pulley forks, two spring stretching units, 2 three inch pulleys, extension spring safety cables, and more.

EZ-SET Spring Assembly Kits from Action Industries include everything needed for straightforward spring assembly installation and repairs