Standard Seals

Seal Garage Door Gaps and Keep Weather Out

Standard seals from Action Industries provide long-lasting protective barriers in all weather conditions. Choose from a variety of material and style options to select the best standard weather seal for your application.

Available Styles:

  • Brush: Polypropylene Bristles won't hold water or freeze, making them ideal for heavy-duty environments with sub-zero temperatures.

  • Zebra Brush: Made of the same durable material as our other brush seals, but is color-coded in alternating yellow and black bristles for enhanced visibility.

  • Weatherblock: Equipped with brush and EPDM rubber seal technology for maximum protection.

  • EPDM: Durable black rubber material that easily conforms to rough surfaces. Typically used in less intensive applications.

  • Vinyl: Flexible and durable vinyl compound that won’t warp from temperature changes.

  • Flex Brush: A lighter, more versatile brush than the standard weather brush, but provides less durability.

Fit All Standard Retainers

Regardless of style or size choice standard seals are compatible with all #4 Standard Retainers available from Action Industries.

Action’s standard seal retainers are made of high-strength aluminum and designed to hold standard brush, rubber, or vinyl seals. Custom fabrication, punching, and assembly are available upon request.