Shipping & Returns

Get your garage door and access parts on time and intact!

You can be worry-free once you place your order with Action Industries. We've spent years perfecting our shipping process to remove any inconvenience on your end.

What can you expect from an Action Industries shipment?

No Damaged Parts

Nothing’s worse than receiving a shipment and opening the box only to find damaged parts. Your order from Action Industries will arrive in pristine shape, even when it ships LTL. We’ve developed proprietary boxes, packing techniques and special skids to protect your product as nothing else can.

A damage-free shipment means you can get to your job and keep your business.

The Exact Parts You Ordered

You won't have to spend time and effort returning parts to Action Industries. Our customers send back a mere 1% of the thousands of shipments we put out. That return rate means you'll get the right parts everytime.

Getting the right parts the first time lets you focus on your custom's project instead of dealing with repacking and returning orders.

The Best Rates for Ground and LTL

Once you order the parts you need, you don't want to second-guess how much you'll be spending on shipping. We've learned how to optimize the weight and space calculation for your benefit (thanks to the hundreds of shipments we've spent!) Our team tackles shipping from multipe angles to make sure you get the price possible.

Your Sale Rep Will Help You Limit the Landed Cost

Based on your current order and your order history, your sales rep can talk through opportunities to cut down on shipping costs. Several of our products are specially coiled and designed to ship ground rather than LTL. Or you might be able to save length with custom kits cut down to save on shipping. Your rep will make sure your order meets your needs and limits the landed cost.

Our Pick-and-pack Team Will Package Your Items to Minimize the Shipping Rate

The Action Industries team members who collect and pack your parts are wizards at what they do. They’ll examine your order and find a way to box your items so you pay the best shipping rate possible (with no damaged parts, of course).

You'll Get the Best Rates Thanks to Our Aggressively-negotiated Contracts

How can you know you’ll get the best shipping rates? We invested in a third-party logistics firm that negotiated some of the best rates in the country for your Action Industries orders. From long-length rates to ground shipping, you’re getting the lowest rates available.