Large Aluminum Retainers

Made from high-quality solid aluminum and equipped with a #7 size channel, large retainers provide a long-lasting solution for weather seal mounting on commercial and residential garage doors. These retainers are available in multiple designs and lengths to work for almost any custom installation. Customize your order to select the best Action Industries Retainer for your installation or job.

Available Styles:

  • 1 inch - Straight, 45°, 90°

  • 2 inch - Offset

  • 3 inch - Straight, Offset, 45°

  • 5-1/2 inch - Straight, 45°

  • Rolling Steel “Z” Header

Fit with any Large Seal

#7 Large Retainers are compatible with any Large EPDM, Brush, and Weatherblock Seals available from Action Industries. Retainers install on the sides and top of garage doors to keep seals in place and close up any gaps.