Photo Eyes

Protect pedestrians, vehicles, and doors from damage with EMX photo eyes for overhead doors, commercial gate openers, and parking lot barrier gate operators from Action Industries. Photo sensors use an infrared beam to detect the presence vehicles, people, and other obstructions to open, stop, or reverse operations for safety and improved access control. EMX designs their photo sensors with highly durable housings that stand up to the elements and have a line of protection accessories to keep sensors safe in rough environments. Available in two styles meet residential and commercial detection needs:

Thru Beam photo eye - comprised of a two-piece unit with a separate transmitter and receiver mounted opposite of each other

Retroreflective photoeye - comprised of transmitter and receiver in one unit with a separate reflector

EMX designs their photo sensors with weather proof constructions, long range operation, wide voltage ranges, compact size and sensitivity adjustment to provide a reliable safety solution. The EMX IRB-EXP is an extremely durable explosion proof sensor specially designed for heavy industrial installations, and the EMX Photo Eye Protection Bollard is available to protect the IRB-RET, IRB-MON, and IRB-4X from harmful weather, accidental damage, and vandalism. All EMX photoeye safety sensors come with mounting hardware and mounting brackets. Keep your installation and photo eyes secure with these EMX accessories from Action Industries.