Plastic Bottom Seal Retainers

Whether it be for home improvement or to increase workplace energy efficiency, Plastic Bottom Seal Retainers from Action Industries are the economical solution for mounting weatherstripping. Made from a more lightweight material than our Aluminum Retainers, these can be cut on site to the exact size of the garage door, which removes the need for precise pre-measuring and makes the job easier for the installer. Along with being lightweight, the PVC plastic construction is resistant from the cracking & warping from everyday use and exposure to extreme temperatures.

Many Sizes for All Weather Seals from Action Industries

Plastic Retainers mount to a garage door bottom and help to improve energy efficiency and durability for home improvement are available in multiple sizes and styles to fit a wide variety of commercial and residential garage doors. Choose from multiple length options, ranging from eight feet to eighteen feet, to find the best one to fit your garage door or multiple door facility. Each retainer comes equipped with a 0.25 inch channel that is compatible with any T-Style, Rubber, Vinyl, or Bulb Door Seal from Action Industries.