Dock Leveler Seal Kits

Streamline your loading dock job by using a pre-packaged kit from Action Industries. The long-lasting galvanized channel allows for quick weld installation. Simply tack weld a 2-inch bead every 12 inches along the retainer, slide in the seal, then lightly hammer at the bead points and the ends to secure the seal.

These kits will eliminate drafts, dirt and pests from climate-controlled and cold storage facilities. And they’ll keep debris from falling into the pit, which is a must for food industry facilities.  

Each dock leveler seal kit contains: 

  • Two 8’ pieces of galvanized channel 

  • Standard 1” 90° aluminum retainer 

  • Seal of your choice:

    • EPDM seal: synthetic rubber that withstands temperatures from -50°F to 300°F 

    • Brush seal: bristles spread to block drafts more effectively than vinyl seals

    • WeatherBLOCK: brush seal with an EPDM fin insert for twice the protection

    • RodentBLOCK with Xcluder®: impenetrable to rodents and other pests