Purchase high-quality threshold seals directly from the manufacturer.

After applying weather seals to the top, sides, and bottom of your customer's garage door, there's a crucial final component to ensure their satisfaction: the threshold.

Choose the appropriate product for the task with robust aluminum and durable PVC thresholds made in the USA by Action Industries.

For commercial facilities requiring a threshold that can withstand heavy use, Excalibur™ heavy-duty solid aluminum thresholds provide maximum strength and durability. They resist shifting, buckling, and leaking, making them ideal for demanding applications.

For residential garages, maintain cleanliness, dryness, and pest control with easily installable Storm Shield® and Storm Shield® 2 thresholds. These durable thresholds are resistant to extreme temperatures, cracking, movement, or shattering, and they also resist oil, gas, and antifreeze.

Ensure a satisfied customer with an Action Industries threshold, keeping water, rain, snow, dust, dirt, leaves, and pests where they belong: outside!