Door and other sensors from Action Industries add safety features and increase efficiency on a variety of commercial garage doors. Door sensors are designed for vehicle and pedestrian detection using invisible light beams and connect to a receiving sensor on a garage door opener. Our available sensors include multiple detection modes, durable housings for outdoor use, and can be used with compatible remote controls also available from Action Industries.


Whether you need a new sensor that distinguishes between pedestrians and vehicles or one that detects vehicles exclusively, our selection has you covered. Garage door sensors work with harmless radiation like microwave or infrared beams to act as motion sensors on your installation. These sensors can be used as a garage door opener safety sensor for running an automatic garage door, making them ideal for automatic industrial doors, vehicle gates/barriers, vehicle detection, loading docks, or any other industrial application where motion detection is required. Other sensors include light curtains that act as safety sensors or can replace malfunctioning photo eyes in certain applications.