TorqueMaster Springs

At Action Industries, we offer the cutting-edge TorqueMaster® Plus garage door counterbalance system by Wayne Dalton. This exclusive system safely encloses the springs within a steel tube, enhancing the aesthetic appeal by concealing the springs and preventing dirt and grime accumulation. The TorqueMaster® Plus design includes an anti-drop safety device to prevent injuries from accidental tension release and stops the garage door from free-falling if a spring breaks while the door is open.

The TorqueMaster® Plus system is not only about safety but also ease of use, featuring easy tension adjustment and enclosed springs that ensure a cleaner, more polished appearance. This advanced system is available in several Wayne Dalton residential garage doors, including the Carriage House Steel Garage Door Models 8670 and 9405, the Classic Steel Garage Door Models 9100/9605 and 8000/8200, and the Designer Fiberglass Garage Door Model 8680 (up to 8ft.), as well as the Designer Steel Garage Door Model 8310.

Wayne Dalton has rigorously tested more than 250 TorqueMaster® Plus springs, revealing an average spring life cycle that exceeds industry standards by 15%. This commitment to quality and performance ensures that the TorqueMaster® Plus system delivers reliable, long-lasting service for your garage door needs.