Universal Spring Cones

Universal Spring Cones from Action Industries are an essential piece of garage door opener hardware for mounting and keeping garage door torsion springs in working condition. Our high quality torsion spring cones come in two different types with different functions: Winding cones and stationary cones.

Winding Cones

Winding cones mount on the left-hand side of the torsion spring, and allow it to be wound with a torsion winding bar, and for torsion to be easily adjusted or customized to fit your garage door’s needs.

Stationary Cones

Stationary cones fit on the right-hand end of the spring, and allow them to be mounted to the center bracket connected to the header of your installation. The connection to a spring anchor bracket keeps the spring firmly in place and stops it from spinning out or releasing tension when it is being wound. Some stationary cones also incorporate a ball bearing or nylon bushing to better fit the center bearing.