Buy superior threshold seals direct from the manufacturer.


Commercial facilities need a threshold that will stand up to a beating.

Thresholds keep the elements out (not to mention pests), preventing damage to what’s inside a facility. But with tow motors driving over it all day, your customer needs a threshold that won’t deform from all that weight and wear.

Get maximum strength and durability with Excalibur™ heavy-duty solid aluminum thresholds. Excalibur won't shift, buckle or leak, which means they won’t waste maintenance time on it. It’s the ideal threshold for tough applications.

Keep residential garages clean, dry, and pest-free with easy-to-install thresholds.

You’ll appreciate the quick installation of the Storm Shield® and Storm Shield® 2 thresholds. Plus, the kit includes everything you need for the job. These durable thresholds are designed to endure extreme temperatures and won't crack, move, or shatter. And they’re resistant to oil, gas, and antifreeze.

Guarantee a happy customer with an Action Industries threshold. Keep water, wind-driven rain, snow, dust, dirt, leaves, and pests where they belong: outside!