Miller Edge

Miller Edge was founded in 1936 and developed the first Electrically Activated Safety Edge in 1957 for hangar doors at Wright-Patterson Air Base in Ohio. Since then Miller Edge’s product line has grown to include both touch sensitive and non-contact devices and at Action Industries we are proud to offer their sensors for automated manufacturing, garage door and gate operator safety, mass transit vehicles, storefront grills, and more.

Miller Edge commercial garage door edge sensors send a signal to stop, start, or reverse a door or gate motor when an obstacle is sensed. Miller Edge thru-beam safety eyes utilize light beams and when obstructed a signal is sent to the garage door or gate operator. Regardless of style, all Miller Edge safety sensors increase safety, security, and productivity on any installation they are installed. Currently available from Action Industries are the Miller Edge Non-Monitored and Monitored Relay Light Curtains that create an invisible barrier of light that accurately senses any obstruction that goes through a door.