Digi-Code Radio Controls

Digi-code manufactures access control devices for gate opener and garage door opener systems, including wireless keypads, keychain sized remote control transmitters, receivers, and more related parts and accessories. Digi-code remotes like the Digi-Code 5010 and Digi-Code 5040 operate on a 300 MHz radio frequency, and the DC5150-300 Radio Receiver operates on dual 300MHz/310MHz frequencies. Digi-Code garage door opener transmitters come in a variety of frequencies, styles, and button numbers. Choose from one-button, two-button, and three-button garage door opener remotes with a variety of frequencies for the best option for any installation. Digi-code radio control products are compatible with Linear Multi-Code and Stanley Garage Door Openers. Digi-code products provide heavy duty and reliable solutions for a wide variety of keyless entry systems.