Weather Seal Kits

Weather Seal Kits from Action Industries include everything needed to weatherproof the sides and tops of passage and garage doors in one package. Our kits come in pre-cut sections that are pre-punched with holes to keep cutting, measuring, and drilling at a minimum to make installation simple.

The right kit for any door

All weather seal kits come with aluminum seal retainers that’s pre-installed with one of our durable weather seals, and are pre-cut to fit the most popular door sizes. Self-tapping fasteners are also included in each kit so they can be immediately installed upon opening. Kits for passage doors include perimeter seals that close the gaps on the sides and top, and sweep seal kits to seal the bottom gaps that come in brush and vinyl strips. Garage door weather seal kits come with flex brush weather seal and in multiple profile styles and two sizes to fit residential doors, commercial doors, and rolling steel doors used in mini warehouse applications.