Buy garage door retainers direct from the manufacturer.

Whatever size, style, or material you need, you’ll find the retainer you need to adhere weather seal to any commercial or residential garage door.

Retainers to fit every door, gap, and seal

After selecting the right seal for the job, get the right retainer to go along with it. We manufacture our retainers (in the USA) to have a perfect fit with our seals. That means you’ll never be stuck pulling seal through a retainer that doesn’t match.

  • Standard retainers (#4 channel retainers) fit our standard seals
  • Large retainers (#7 channel retainers) fit our large seals
  • Slim-line retainers (#2.5 channel retainers) fit our slim-line seals
  • You can use Action Industries retainers for side seals, bottom seals, dock leveler seals, passage sweeps, and more. Our aluminum retainers come in 45°, 90°, straight and offset to fit any door and seal.

    Bottom seal retainers

    Our retainers are easy to install on any kind of door from rolling steel doors to corrugated to residential. Choose from plastic or anti-corrosive, heavy-duty aluminum. Action Industries’ bottom seal retainers are made to fit our T-style rubber, vinyl, or bulb seals.

    Achieve full clearance with the rolling steel "Z" header seal retainer.

    Special jobs require special parts. You can get a rolling steel door to open above the header – giving full clearance – with Action Industries’ specialized rolling steel "Z" header seal retainer. It also allows the weather seal to project from the inside of the door opening while fastening from the underside. With the right seal, this galvanized steel retainer will cover up to a 3-4 inch gap (standard size) or a 6-12 inch gap (large size).

    Speed up your jobs with kits, pre-assembly, and custom cuts.

    Use Action Industries’ special services to get right to work. Want to cut down the time you spend on installation? Order pre-assembled seals or kits designed to fit your needs. Want a custom cut for your retainers or seals? Just let us know!