Sommer is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of high-quality garage door openers and wireless control systems and serves more than 90 countries worldwide. Every Sommer garage door opener sold in the US is engineered and manufactured in Germany to the highest standards. Sommer designs their products to be easily installed, safe and secure, sporting sleek modern designs and offer advantages exclusive to the Sommer name.

At Action Industries, we are proud to carry Sommer openers like the Sommer 2060 EVO+Sommer 2080 EVO+, and the Sommer 2110 EVO+ Direct Drive Garage Door Operators. These extremely smooth and quiet garage door openers provide flexibility for DIY installations on residential doors. Sommer designs their operators with state of the art technology including an automatic learning process and optimal speed profiles for quick opening and secure closing. We carry EVO+ Rail Extension kits, and plug and play accessories like their Motion Sensor, Battery Backup, Additional LED Light, and more. Other Sommer parts from Action Industries include radio controls operating on a 922 MHz frequency, like the S10698 Radio ReceiverWireless Wall Button, or their Pearl 4-button transmitter.