Vehicle Motion Detectors

Vehicle Motion Detectors by EMX Industries, inc. are versatile and durable detection devices for commercial, industrial, and residential access control applications. At Action Industries we carry their full line of vehicle motion detectors that offer four types of sensing technologies:

  • Inductive - measures a change in inductance (loop frequency) caused by a vehicle passing over a buried loop

  • Magnetoresistive - measures a change in the Earth's magnetic field caused by a vehicle passing in close proximity to the sensor

  • Ultrasonic - measures sound waves that echo off the vehicle

  • Motion - senses a disturbance in the Earths magnetic field when a vehicle passes within range

EMX sensors come with customizable sensitivity settings and are designed for easy installations to fit the motion sensor needs of virtually any garage door operator, parking barrier, security system, or gate operator. Their sensors range from complex two-in-one vehicle motion and pedestrian presence sensors, like the EMX OWL, to traditional magnetoresistive induction loop system for gates, doors, and barriers. Direct burial and loop detectors options for vehicle sensing, door, and gate automation include EMX's sensing probe with lead wire, Carsense 202, control units, and the EMX VMD202. EMX Sensors feature low current consumption for use with solar power applications. EMX Vehicle detection products increase safety, security, and productivity anywhere they are installed.