Super Sneaky

Super Sneaky Contract Division is a North American manufacturer and distributor of low overhead garage door installation products and their entire product line is now available from Action Industries. Super Sneaky garage door parts are guaranteed to work in 6-inches of headroom and remove the need for troublesome low headroom double track systems.

Super Sneaky’s innovative low headroom overhead parts include specially designed hinges, operator extension brackets, reinforcement plates, and everything needed to install a new low headroom overhead door or retrofit an old one. Super Sneaky’s Low Overhead installation products remove unnecessary headroom on commercial and residential doors to avoid obstructions such as trusses or heating ducts. When Super Sneaky’s Operator Reinforcement Bracket, specialized hinges, and operator reinforcement plates are used together they compensate for floor irregularities caused by snow and ice buildup or concrete swelling. The Super Sneaky system makes the door seal tightly to the floor for increased garage door security. Their low overhead system is 100% guaranteed to work in 6-inches of space and can work in as little as 4-inches of headroom. Their parts work on all residential garage doors, automatic or manual, and are easy to install for professionals and DIY users alike.