Private Label 15.75 oz Penetrating Lubricant

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  • Usually Ships 4 to 7 Business Days

Sell Garage Door Penetrating Lubricant with your custom branding and logo with this Private Label Lubricant Option from Action Industries. Initial private label orders require a one-time $80 artwork fee with a 15-17 day timeframe for completion. Private Label lubricant is ordered in 20 case or 240 bottle minimums. This bulk solution ensures the best price for any company looking to sell private labeled garage door lubricant.

Penetrating Lubricant’s high quality formula is designed to penetrate rust and corrosion in hard to reach places. Recommended for garage door hardware and parts that have years of rust build up and can loosen highly advanced corrosion. This lubricant’s special “creeping nature” means it easily gets between parts to speed up the rust loosening process. Sprays on as a foam and quickly works its way between parts.

Private Label Details:

Lubricant Features:

  • Easily penetrates advanced rust and corrosion

  • Black in color

  • Patented penetrating formula works fast

  • Assists loosening and removing nuts, bolts, and other hardware

  • Single can weighs 15.75 ounces

  • For installations with advanced corrosion

  • Withstands temperature breakdown

Compositional Information

  • Mineral Oil

  • Petroleum Distillates

  • Hydrotreated (mid) Heavy napthenic (CAS#64742-52-5)

  • Isoparaffinic Petroleum Distillate (CAS#64742-47-8)

  • Propane (CAS#74-98-6)

  • Butane (CAS#141-78-6)

  • Isobutane (CAS#75-28-5)