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Air Switch for Treadle Systems, 2-wire, Int./Ext., metal case

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The A2526-00-Z commercial garage door opener pneumatic air switch is an adjustable exterior air switch that can be adjusted to normally-closed or normally-open settings. The waterproof NEMA 4-rated metal enclosure will protect inside components from the elements.

This commercial grade door operator air switch with a 2 million-impulse life cycle will function with pressure levels ranging from 1/4 ounce per square inch to 20 pounds per square inch. This air switch works with up to 300 feet of treadle hose. It's 4 3/8 in. long, 2 5/8 in. wide and 2 7/16 in. deep. Works with treadle hose, gum hose, and coil cords for increased safety on commercial garage doors.


  • For use with commercial garage door operators

  • NEMA 4-rated

  • Exterior pneumatic air switch

  • Adjust to normally-closed, normally-open

  • Can handle pressure level ranges from 1/4 oz. per sq. inch to 20 lbs. per sq. inch

  • 2-wire metal enclosure protects components from water, weather damage

  • Voltage rating: 6V to 220V, 2 Amps

  • Momentary action only,

  • Works with up to 300 ft. of hose

  • 2 million-impulse life cycle

  • Connects to gum hose, treadle hose, and coil cords for a complete pneumatic reversing edge system