Clopay EZ-Set Left Side Torsion Spring Winding Unit

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Clopay's 0122240 LH Winding Unit makes the dangerous job of garage door torsion spring installation and replacement safer and easier by removing the manual spring winding process. Instead of using winding bars to manually add tension to the springs, Winding Units install directly on the end of spring cones on the garage door torsion shaft to automatically wind the torsion springs. Each winding unit is equipped with a steel bearing that won't get in the way of standard door operations and won't seize up on the torsion shaft. The 0122240 Winding Unit is specially designed to work on left hand springs and will not work on springs installed on the right hand side of the door. This unit is apart of Clopay's line of EZ-Set products and one LH Winding Unit is included in every EZ-Set Torsion Kit from Action Industries.