Action Industries 107-0111 Clopay Compatible Garage Door TPE Bottom Astragal 3.5"

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The Action Industries Clopay Compatible Garage Door Bottom Seal is a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), known under the trade name astragal, developed to perform like EPDM rubber. Similar to EPDM, TPE can withstand extreme temperatures from –30 to 200 degrees, whereas PVC can endure 40 to 160 degrees. Action Industries uses a reprocessed material to keep the cost down, while keeping the EPDM-like properties in the seal, making the Clopay Compatible bottom seal a cost-efficient and sustainable option. It’s popular with Home Depot, Lowes, and retail stores, which use the seal on their doors.

The seal’s T-ends are 90 durometer (hardness), and the middle is 70 durometer. With our co-extrusion process, these two parts of the material are put together, adding many benefits. The Clopay Compatible seal optimizes hard material and soft material by combining extreme temperature endurance with ideal installations.

The soft middle part performs best in cold temperatures and won’t stiffen in freezing climates. It’s great for installing during the winter. The ribbing on the seal ensures that it won’t freeze to the bottom of pavement. The Clopay Compatible seal also retains and can go back to its original shape, again demonstrating better memory properties like EPDM rubber.

The Clopay Compatible seal’s rigid T-ends result in an easy and optimal installation. The hard material of the T-ends means less friction and less resistance, making the seal much easier to string. This cuts down on the typical two people needed for installation to a DIY project that only requires one person. No lubricant is required with this semi-rigid seal. Action Industries is one of the only companies manufacturing this optimized product that performs like EPDM. It’s available in a 200’ reel and by the foot.

Kits SKUs:

  • 107-0111 – Per Foot SKU

  • 107-0111-200ft Reel – 200 Foot Reel

Product Highlights:

  • Innovative design with rigid T-ends and softer middle part of seal

  • TPE acts like EPDM rubber to withstand extreme temperatures

  • Retains original shape

  • Easy one-person installation

  • No lubricant needed

  • Cost-saving, eco-friendly material

  • Available in 200’ reel or by the foot

  • Ribbing ensures no freezing to pavement

Clopay Compatible Seal Instructions


*If the garage door uses an automatic opener, disconnect the door from the opener before installation. Don’t remove the bottom roller carrier. Don’t use an object to prop the door open.

Step 1: Unplug your garage door opener. Open your garage door fully and hold it in place by putting a vice grip or C-clamp above the top roller. Fasten another vice grip or C-clamp below the bottom roller to prevent the door from moving.

Step 2: Remove old astragal by sliding it off. Slide the new Clopay Compatible astragal on, then line it up on one end of the door. Crimp the retainer down on the astragal at this end. On the other end, push an extra inch into the retainer and crimp the retainer. This will keep the astragal in place. Trim the end of the astragal to line up with the edge of the door.

Step 3: Remove the clamps, close the door, and adjust the lock if needed.

Step 4: Reconnect your garage opener to your door. SAFETY REVERSE and test your garage door for safety.