EMX OWL Vehicle Detection and Presence Sensor

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The EMX OWL is a vehicle motion sensor and presence sensor that uses infrared and microwave technology to act as an activation sensor for garage doors, gates, and barriers. The OWL distinguishes between vehicle detection, pedestrians, cross traffic, and has a highly customizable infrared presence detection zone so it can be used as both access control and a security system in a variety of vehicle and pedestrian detection applications. The microwave motion sensor’s, for automotive motion detection, maximum detection area is 23-feet by 19 feet wide at a mounting height of 21-feet. The OWL can prevent unnecessary door openings to save energy costs by using traffic filters to prevent detection of departing vehicles, and vehicles moving parallel to the door. The infrared presence sensor, for detecting pedestrians, has a maximum detection area of 18-feet long by 26-feet wide at a mounting height of 21-feet. Utilizing a pair of highly customizable infrared LED arrays, the OWL’s presence detection can keep people and vehicles safe from unintentional door closings. The OWL-RC Remote Control is required for programming the EMX OWL and for customizing it’s detection zones.


  • Vehicle motion detector increases vehicle security and garage door safety

  • Highly customizable infrared presence detection zone

  • Distinguishes between vehicles, pedestrians, and cross traffic

  • Two configurable relay outputs

  • OWL-RC Remote Control required for programming

  • Prevents unnecessary door openings, reduces energy costs, increases pedestrian safety

  • Applications include high performance and loading dock doors, activation for audible alarms and warning lights, manufacturing facilities, pull cord replacement, car dealerships and more

  • For indoor use only

Technical specs:

  • Mounting height: 11.5-21.3-ft.

  • Supply voltage: 12-24 VDC/AC

  • Max current draw: 150 mA @ 12 VDC

  • Operating temperature: -4 to 140°F

  • Operating humidity: Below 80%

  • Dimensions: 9" x 5" x 5"

  • Connection: 32-ft. 8 conductor cable directly from sensor

  • Weight: 2.87 lbs

  • Environmental Rating: IP65

  • Vertical Directionality: 16-32° wall or ceiling mount

  • Horizontal Directionality: +/- 10°

Product Manual

Product Manual

Product Manual