EMX ULTRA-PLG Plug-in Style Loop Detector

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EMX’s ULTRA-PLG is a vehicle loop detector with all the features of the ULTRALOOP product line in a plug-in module. The ULT-PLG is easy to install and operate. Sensitivity selection is simple with the ULTRAMETER display. Ten sensitivity settings allow for fine tuned adjustments of the detection level. Four frequency selections prevent crosstalk in multi-loop applications.

The ULT-PLG features a solid-state output indicating vehicle presence. A second output can be used for presence, loop fault, or pulse on entry/exit. It features DETECT-ON-STOP or (DOS) technology that only detects a vehicle when it comes to a complete stop on the loop. This exclusive feature ignores cross traffic in tight spaces and is unique to EMX.

EMX’s ULT-PLG is compatible with a wide variety of gate and garage door operators. Check the spec sheet for more details.


  • Plug-in module vehicle loop detector

  • Ignores cross traffic in tight spaces with DETECT-ON-STOP feature

  • Low current draw

  • Frequency count/reset switch

  • 10 sensitivity settings

  • Second output, pulse entry/exit, normal/infinite presence

  • CE compliant

  • 4 operating frequencies

  • ULTRAMETER displays optimum sensitivity setting/crosstalk interference

Product Manual

Product Manual

Product Manual