EPDM Seal Kits

Action Industries EPDM Weather Seal Kits come with everything needed to install side seals and top seals on commercial and residential garage doors. Seal retainers come pre-cut to fit the jambs and headers of the most common garage door sizes. Each aluminum retainer is pre-punched with holes and comes pre-installed with our durable EPDM Weather Seal so no additional assembly, drilling, or measuring for holes is required. Every kit comes with 32 self-tapping fasteners to streamline the weather stripping installation process.

Choose the Right Option for Your Door

Action's EPDM Weather Seal Kits come in two retainer profiles available in multiple sizes. Retainer profiles include straight and 45-degrees. Straight retainers hold EPDM seals flush from the door jambs to create a tight seal, and are typically used on rolling steel doors, roll up doors, and corrugated doors with uneven surfaces. The 45deg retainer profiles create a larger gap of air between the seal and gap, and are typically used on sectional and overhead doors.