• Oversize Flex Brush comes in 8 FOOT LONG lengths
  • Usually Ships Following Business Day
Action Industries

Flex Brush Oversized with 3 to 6 inch bristles, Sold In 8 Foot Lengths (OVERSIZED-FLEX-BRUSH)

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  • Oversize Flex Brush comes in 8 FOOT LONG lengths
  • Usually Ships Following Business Day
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Garage Door Flex Brush seal is the convenient, money-saving alternative to traditional metal-back brush seals. Flex Brush weatherstripping is ideal garage door seals for environments with large gaps. Made of rugged yet lightweight and pliable materials, Flex Brush weighs up to 40 percent less than conventional brushes and is available on reels drastically lowering shipping costs and streamlining production. This Large, #7 sized brush seal is compatible with Large #7 Retainers from Action Industries. It utilizes high-quality polypropylene backing for all brushes. With excellent stiffness, even when wet, Flex Brush's polypropylene backing has good abrasion resistance and bend recovery. Additionally, the backing contains no metal, eliminating deteriorative rust. Flex Brush holds its filament bristles longer, extending the life of the brush and saving you money.

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  • Large #7 Brush size compatible with Large seal retainers from Action Industries

  • For rolling steel, metal doors, loading dock doors, sectional doors, residential doors, and more

  • Prevents air infiltration and keeps out dust, debris, harmful weather

  • Cost saving alternative to traditional metal-back brush seals

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are there any differences in the quality of Flex Brush weather seal bristles and Action's traditional brush weather seal bristles?

A: There are no differences in the quality of Flex Brush bristles and Action's stick brush bristles.

Q: What size bristles are offered with Oversized Flex Brush?

            A: 3 inch, 4 inch and 6 inch bristle length options.

Q: What length are the Oversize Flex Brush sections?

           A: Oversized Flex Brush is sold in 8 Foot long lengths.