Slim-Line Seals

Keep your installation clean, safe, and secure

Stop airborne contaminants from getting in through the cracks of commercial and residential garage doors. Block heavy weather and harmful air particulates like smoke from getting into your home or workplace with these seals available for purchase straight from the manufacturer. Find the best slim-line seal for your job or installation with a variety of size and style options.

Available styles include:

  • Vinyl: Very resistant to a variety of weather conditions and excellent at holding its shape. Will not warp from dramatic shifts in temperature.

  • Brush: Ideal for closing gaps along irregular or rough surfaces. Polypropylene bristles won't hold water or freeze in sub-zero environments. Typically used in commercial applications.

  • Flex Brush: Convenient and cost-effective version of traditional brush seals. Made of the same freeze-proof bristle filaments as the standard brush design but with additional flexibility. Available in reels for lower prices.

  • Vinyl Bulb: Made from a soft and reliable vinyl compound. The hollow "Bulb" section compresses to create an airtight perimeter seal.

Fits any #2.5 Retainer

The slim profile fits with any #2.5 Slim-Line retainer available from Action Industries.