Loop Detectors

Loop Detectors are used with vehicle detection loops to create an inductance from a magnetic field to sense vehicular traffic and increase access control. Loop wire is buried underground beneath a road or driveway and are connected to inductive loop vehicle detectors to detect the presence of a vehicle. They are most commonly used under roadways to detect vehicles stopped at traffic lights.

Our selection includes EMX PR-26 pre-formed loop wire for the induction loop that goes beneath a roadway, EMX LP D-TEK Low Power Fail Safe Loop Detector for installations with minimal power supplies, the EMX ULTRA-PLG equipped with sensitivity settings to match the needs of your specific job, and many more. Every loop detector from Action Industries can operate on multiple operating frequencies to prevent interference in a larger loop system. Applications for loop detectors include counting vehicle traffic, automated gate operators, arrival notifications, vehicle classification, or for automated driveway lighting. These detectors are only designed to detect vehicles and are not rated for detection of pedestrians or animals.