Linear MultiCode 1099 300 MHz Gate Receiver 110V

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When you need strong signal reception, your choices are limited. Fortunately, the MCS109920 Multi-Code receiver is the perfect solution. Designed for use inside metal enclosures and other tough-to-penetrate enclosures, the MCS 109920 comes with an antenna and a coaxial connector. Operating on a 300 MHz frequency at 110 volts, this compact but extremely powerful receiver is the perfect addition to your security framework. The MCS109920 has 1,024 possible security codes that are set through DIP switches.


  • Compatible with several remotes

  • Up to 250 feet of range in clear line of site

  • 1,024 possible codes set by DIP switches

  • 1 amp output at 30 VAC maximum on relay contacts

  • 115 VAC transformer input included

  • Antenna and coaxial connector included

  • Designed for use in areas where signal transmission is difficult

  • Dimensions: 5.25 inches high, 3.625 inches wide, 1.5 inches deep

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